Shoalin Mister Darcy Tu  (IMP Aus)

Shoalin Mister Darcy Tu (Imp AUS) 06.12.08


We proudly introduce to you Shoalin Mister Darcy Tu (IMP Aus), or more commonly known around here as Mr Darcy!  He is a lilac Burmese and was born in January 07.  Mr Darcy came to us at the same time as Starkatz Georgiana. Mr Darcy is a lovely big boy with a nice close lying coat.  He has lovely head type and golden eyes, with fabulous eye shape. Mr Darcy has that fantastic Burmese frown that is so seldom seen in Burmese of today.  His personality is to die for!  He is so laid back and at the same time very playful.  He loves cuddles and having his tummy rubbed.  We have shown him limited times as a kitten with success.  Mr Darcy is the sire of stunning progeny and is a true asset to our programme.  We love you Darcy, your a dude!


Mr Darcy 12.12.07Mr Darcy 12.12.07......Who's the man!!!


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