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Val and Ray Cashman of Aurora Burmese in Mudgeeraba, QLD, Australia, for allowing us to have 2 of your lovely girls.  GOLD DBL GR CH Aurora Mudgeeraba Madam (IMP AUS) has done you proud with her success in New Zealand.  Aurora Laguna Dream (Lagsy or Pumba) is our baby and just hangs out with us.  We now have some lovely progeny from these girls and are looking forward to working with these lines.  Also a big thank you for allowing us to have Albert and Sheila.  We are so fortunate to have these 4 babies and we treasure them.  Thanks so much.  We will be forever grateful to you!


Heather McFerson for allowing us to own Kandid Noble Tarnee (IMP AUS) who has been the foundation of our programme.  He is a real asset to us and an exciting boy to work with.  We are very fortunate to be the proud owners of such an exciting cat.  Thanks Heather!


Lois Smith for allowing us to be the proud owners of CH Boloni Shabeja (Nelly).  She was our first queen and the start of our programme.  When everyone else said "No" to us purchasing our first breeding girl you were there to help! Thanks again Lois.


Southern Rangitikei Vet Services (especially Dave Angove and Lyn Robinson) for all their good work.  They are a great, experienced team and are awesome to deal with.  We know our cats are in good hands with them.  Thanks Dave and Lynn.

Natalia Shepherd for helping me make some decisions and working with our programme.  Also for giving me the opportunity to have some time away.  Good luck with your programme and we will support you whatever way you decide to go!  PS Good luck with Freight.  I am glad it's you that has to put up with his antics and not me!!  By the way Freight now has a few best in shows! He's smarter than we thought!


Mrs Beverley Pogson of Starkatz Burmese in NSW, Australia.  Bev has placed in our hands two special cats.  These being Starkatz Georgiana and Shoalin Mr Darcy Tu.  We are forever grateful to you for allowing us to own two such fine Burmese.  They have done you proud to date and I hope they continue this for you.  Thank you very much and I look forward to working with you in the future!

Genevieve Rogerson who has been a great friend and support when I have needed it.  Genevieve has the Cahill Animal Hospital in Palmerston North and she has looked after some of our babies.  Thanks Gen for the help and I highly recommend her practice for your animal in need in Palmerston North

Please take this as a sincere thank you from me!!

Carla Purcell




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