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A sneak preview of our cattery or cat motels!

Ambition and Freddie relaxing in the sun....

We are in the process of building new cattery units after our programme has expanded over the years.  We have our original 5 house and run unit which will be getting a birthday over the summer.  We have just had a new stud enclosure built which is 4.8 x 2.4 m.  This is pictured above and we now await the arrival of our new man to go into it!

Next to this we have built a slightly larger unit that is separated into two runs and houses.  This will be for our girls.  It is fully insulated and has shelves that look out the windows.  They are easy to keep clean and are very warm also.  They have everything they need and want in there to keep them busy.

Our catteries are among trees where they can listen to the Tui's all day and watch what is happening around the house.  The dog goes and says hello too!  They are placed in a lovely sunny position with fantastic rural views.  They even get to watch a bit of cross country at the pony club next door!

Our next stage will be to join the two of them and a garden will be accessible by all the cats so they have a leisure area as well!  Below are some more pics of the catteries.


George and Vista looking out the window!Grace relaxing on the cat tower!

Ambition, Jack and Freddie watching us!Grace just chillin!....


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