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This page is to help kitten owners ensure they are ready for their new arrival.

What you will need to prepare your self!

**Kitten food**

We use a variety of dry foods.  We feed this along with a variety of other foods including fresh fine beef mince, minced chicken and heart. We like to keep the diets varied so that our cats and kittens do not get bored with their food.  Always leave fresh water out for them also.  This is very important.

**Litter and Trays**

We use Pussy Do Cat litter.  This is made of pine and is also able to be put on your garden as well.

**Scratching Posts**

All our catteries are well equipped with cats play gyms and scratch posts.  These are great to save the furniture also.  The cats and kittens love to sharpen their claws on them.


We give our cats and kittens plenty of toys to keep them amused.  It often looks like a crèche here but with cat toys instead!  They love the tunnels to run thru and hide from others.  Crinkle balls are great along with ping pong balls.  A lot of our Burmese tend to fetch and retrieve so toys are really important.

**Love and Cuddles**

Our Burmese really thrive on affection.  They are given plenty of love and attention when they are with us and we recommend you give them the same if not more when you get them home.  Our kittens are not scatty, but confident little Burmese with outgoing personalities and bombproof natures.  We  brought a pair of Burmese kittens here in NZ who were so scared they went thru a crack in the floor and would not come out so we had to take up the floor and then they went down the wall of our house (as it was an upstairs floor) so a hole had to be put from floor to ceiling to get the poor kittens out.  That sort of behaviour should not be seen in Burmese kittens and if you do come across a kitten like that I would suggest you contact the breeder ASAP!  That was a very sad situation and makes us more determined to breed friendly, well socialized kittens!!

**Sleeping Quarters**

Kittens like secure places to sleep.  They will always have favorite places and your bed will usually be the first place.  When you get your kitten home always ensure he or she knows where the litter tray is and if need be put 2 or 3 litter trays around the house so that wherever the kitten chooses to sleep there is always a tray near by for them.


We feed and highly recommend


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