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Hi Carla,
Have finally got round to putting some pictures of Fender and Lilah on the computer so thought I’d send you some like i said i would ages ago! I think the neighbours must be out today because Fender has been home all day and has had plenty of love to share! Sorry there are so many pictures i just couldn’t choose which ones, as you can see the two of them are inseparable, we sometimes refer to them as 'King Fender' and 'Princess Li' - they are so spolied!  They came to the hairdressers with me last week because they wouldn't get out of the car and we were running late so we just took them with us lol, Fender loves the car he sits on the passenger’s seat with his paws up on the window or dash and we get some pretty funny looks from people at the traffic lights!
Hope you and all the cats are good and that you have been breeding some more reds!
Kayla & Chris


This is SABOKAH Mikey being introduced to his new big friend.  Mikey is owned by Tracy and Matt in Palmerston North.




Deeva owned by Ginny, who say's we did a great job of raising Deeva and is very happy to be her owner.  Thanks Ginny, we were privileged to be able to raise Deeva!




This is from Jane who has Podge and Piggy

Hi Carla

Well, it has been a year now since Paige (Podge) came to live with us, and what a fun year it has been with her and then the arrival of Twiggy (Piggy).

Paige is such a dear wee girl, so cruisy and snuggly.  She has put on lots of weight, is quite a stocky girl now, and has a wonderful thick coat and no sign of the neck patch again.

It took her about 4 months of observing, then she demonstrated that she has a knack for catching birds, many, many birds!!  So we put a bell on her collar.  3 months later she showed us she could creep without her bell ringing and catch a bird!!  Paige is a such a loyal wee girl, if anyone is sick, she spends the day with them, she is always close by and loves to garden.

Twiggy has also settled in well, a very different personality, she has had some adventures in her 10 months here.  Twiggy is curious and very sociable, her curiosity has had her spend a night in the neighbour’s garage and another night in a neighbours car!!  Which gave us all a nice download of worry!!  She has a sweet routine of visiting our neighbour 2 doors down for breakfast, sometimes sits in on their shower then has “coffee” with our next door neighbour, arrives home just after 10.00am!!  Not so frequent now that the weather is cooler, prefers to snuggle into my jerseys on the top shelf in the wardrobe.

Twiiggy does not have the “bird” instinct, instead stalks the kids paint brushes, bendies (pipe cleaners) and anything woollen (not biting fortunately).  Over summer she progressed to cicadas and a few weeks ago caught her first mouse!!

The children are so enjoying them both, they have hours of fun playing with them and laughing.

Thanks again for the fantastic opportunity.

Stay warm.





We had a surprise visit from Amanda who is owned by Mr Claws.  Mr Claws had decided to sleep in her car and then when she was out and about he woke up and jumped on her shoulder.  She brought him round for a visit and he was looking quite proud of himself!



From Jane who has adopted one of our ex breeding girls "Podge"

Hi Carla

I thought of you this morning saying good bye to Podge!

She arrived this afternoon, a little grumpy, but in good shape.

She is beautiful Carla. 

We have had such a lovely evening with her.  She has explored the house from top to bottom.  She has even had a couple of “mad manic” episodes running up & down our stairs!!

She has had chicken for her dinner, played with a catnip mouse and on her scratching post, has checked out her basket, knocked over a vase, rolled endlessly doing her “scenting” thing.  Our children have laughed so much watching and enjoying her this evening.  She is right at this moment exploring the desk behind the computer!!

She and Pussy Willow have had a couple of brief meetings that have gone OK.

I will send some photos through to you over the weekend.

Thanks so much for such a wonderful opportunity Carla, she will be so much fun and so very loved.




From Stephanie who has purchased two of our kittens together on the 17.04.08

Hi Carla
Just to let you know that Jasmine and Topaz have settled in very well.
Topaz is definitely the more adventurous and more confident with 
climbing and jumping, but she only likes cuddles on her terms - when 
it suits her.
Jasmine prefers to think about things first and is more cautious, 
though once she has achieved something (like climbing to the top of 
out old scratching post) she shouts for attention and praise. She is 
the one who started talking to us first and has a lot to say for 
herself. She does have a very stubborn streak too I've discovered. 
And she adores being cuddled - unless her sister is doing something 
They both love their climbing tower and are often found curled up in 
the 'nesting box' at the top.
This afternoon they decided that spending time helping me work and 
exploring my office was the best fun to be had, now that the novelty 
(and tiredness) of racing up and down the hallway at top speed was so 
Needless to say, everyone loves them.




This is from Ange who has just purchased another one of our kittens to keep Charlie busy.  What a great pair they make!

Hi Carla!

Sam and Charlie absolutely adore each other. Apparently there was a bit of hissing etc on the first night, but since the Saturday, they have been great mates!

Charlie has taken on a protective role it seems.  Sam has got him wrapped around his paw!  The other day Charlie was in one room with me and Sam was lying on our bed and let out a pathetic whimper, and Charlie raced in to the room, onto the bed and sniffed Sam, as if to say, "Are you ok?"!  

Sam is such a flirt!  He really puts it on whenever friends come over they pick him up and he goes all limp and lets them fuss over him and gush over him!

It's like he's saying, "yep, I'm gorgeous and I know it!"

Charlie doesn't have much time for my lap anymore, what with a playmate to chase around their house (yes, that's right their house!) but still cuddles me at night!

here are a few pics to give you an idea!  Starting off Pre-Sam.




This was sent to me from Ian in Wellington who has one of our kittens and lives next door to a Creche.  I thought this was really sweet and love the story put together by the children!  Thanks Ian.  What a great parent you are!!



Paul from Auckland says,

Hi Carla

Just a quick note to let you know how Bruno is getting on... What a cool cat!!! Naughty, but he knows he can get away with it...very smart and very affectionate.  Makes those cute little snuffling noises just like Zachary used to do when he gets a cuddle. ( sniff...) 

He s a total maniac when it comes to playing fetch with his “mousy” toys, loves it like a dog would, and I'm forever finding his toys in my briefcase, ( he seems to have a real fetish for putting them inside etc)

I moved house a few weeks back, new place is down the end of a cul de sac and down a long driveway, perfect for cats and now finally the two of them get to spend a lot more time outside.  Leroy was initially a little skeptical about the new place (lived under the sofa for about 48 hours) but Bruno owned the place inside of half an hour.

So nice seeing the change in Leroy since he s got a playmate ( he adores Bruno ) and a new home with lots more freedom.

Best Regards




Karin From Wellington Says.

Hi Carla,
The website is looking amazing, congrats on the new look. Just two things
are missing though - a new photo of the gorgeous Tarnee and a photo of his
best ever daughter, Chloe aka Cleopatra. I will send you a photo of her
tomorrow, showing her beautiful golden eyes and tortie splotches. She is a
sweetie but a little itsy bit of a naughty sweetie who is able to turn on
the charm when it is needed (usually just after being caught out doing
something she shouldn't have been doing, like licking the plates on the
table when she thinks no-one is going to notice). Mmm, she no-doubt learnt
all she knows from her Mum and Dad!


20.11.07 From Angela who owns Charlie

Hi Carla and family!

Just an update to let you know I'm doing well.  I went to the vet yesterday and got about three needles stuck into me by this lady.  I didn't like that very much and sulked all last night.  I especially didn't want anything to do with Mum.  Dad built me this cool cat scratcher, thats taller than Mum, it's got some toy's hanging off it and I bet it's the coolest one in the neighborhood.  I'm doing well, now my tummy's recovered, I went exploring yesterday in the garden, under Mum's watchful eye, I think she got a bit nervous though and took me inside before I was ready to go.  Well, I hope you like these photos of me, the vet said I was very handsome and wanted to know if I had any brothers or sisters!

Email later,


Charlie, a kitten from Piggy and Albert



Neil and Tammy own Smokey, a blue Burmese out of Kira and sired by Tarnee.  Smokey is pictured below with Tessa 19.11.07




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